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1. We provide a competitive salary and will have adjustments annually according to personal working performance.

2. High-ranking talents, medium-ranking talents and core grass-roots employees will be provided accommodation; Mess is available to provide tasty lunch and dinner with best service.

3. Work-related injury insurance will be available for every employee and  endowment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance or critical Illness Insurance are ready for those eligible ones.

4. We ensue employee the rights to have statutory holidays and annual leave.

5. The company has set up awards, such as performance bonus, rationalization proposal awards, monthly/annual outstanding employee awards, etc.

6. We will hold events like sports meeting, skill competition, annual meeting, etc.

7. The company will provide various training for employees to help them improve themselves.

8. Working suits are free for employees working over one year. Heatstroke preventive medicine and herbal tea are available in summer time.

9. Marriage gifts or newly born baby gifts will be prepared for certain employees and also gifts for some important festivals will be given.